I am a multi-camera studio / location TV & Commercials Director and Producer, able to work both in multi / single camera PSC environments. I direct a wide range of programme types including; sport, music, current affairs, kids TV, cookery, lifestyle, archaeology, chat shows, wildlife, premieres, commercials, formatted fact ent etc.

I also produce and edit produce and I am a fully trained vision mixer.

My raison d'etre is to make beautiful pictures, so working on a variety of different food shows has been fantastic yet calorific! To film Great Whites from a fishing boat in the middle of the Pacific (Killer Shark Live) and to unearth an undiscovered complete 2000 year old pot (Big Roman Dig) were amazing highlights!

I am hard-working, creative, enthusiastic and passionate about what I do. I am very organised so love running a team but also really enjoy being part of one too. I love making shows I can be proud of!!


emma@potatopictures.co.uk / emmatalitha@gmail.com

07956 535237

Manor Cottage, Toot Baldon, Oxford. OX44 9NG