M Y   C V

S E R I E S  D I R E C T O R


Ainsley Caribbean Kitchen ITV1 - Series Director Blue Marlin 2018

How to Spend it Well at Christmas, Series 2 ITV1 - Hub Director & Producer of G & G RDF 2018

The Big Family Cooking Showdown  BBC2 - Series Director Voltage TV 2018

How to Spend it Well - House & Garden ITV1 - Hub Director RDF 2018

How to Spend it Well at Christmas ITV1 - Hub Director RDF 2017

Inside The London Fire Brigade ITV1 – GV Director Mentorn TV 2017

The Big Painting Challenge - BBC1 - Series Director - BBC 2016

James Martin's French Adventure - ITV1 - Series Director - Blue Marlin 2016

America's Busiest Cities - New York - BBC2 - Series Director - BBC 2016

Fast Food Britain - BBC1 - Series Director - Twenty Twenty TV 2016

Can I Catch It? - C4 - Series Director - Tern TV 2016

Bake Off - Creme de la Creme - BBC2 - Series Director -          Love Productions 2015

Rachel's Coastal Cooking – RTE - Series Director/Producer - LSPTV 2015

The Great British Pottery Throw Down – BBC2 - Series Director - Love Productions 2015

Heston’s Recipe for Romance – C4 - Studio Director - Betty TV 2014

The Big Eat Food Network - Series Director - Sweet TV 2014

12 Chefs Of Christmas Food Network Series Director - Sweet TV 2014

Great British Sewing Bee for Children in Need BBC2 Series Director - Love Productions 2014

Great British Sewing Bee Series 3 BBC2 Series Director - Love Productions 2014

Bake It Bike It! Travel Channel – Series Director  / Producer -Scripps International 2014

Celebrity Bake Off for Sport Relief BBC2 - Studio Director - Love Productions 2013

Paul Hollywood’s Pies & Puds BBC 1 - Studio Director - Spun Gold TV 2013

Andy Bates Brazilian Street Feasts Food Network – Director / Producer - Sweet TV 2013

Rachel Allen’s Everyday Kitchen UKTV/RTE – Director /Producer - Sweet TV 2013

The Horsemeat Banquet BBC3 - Studio Director - Dragonfly TV 2013

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Now! ITV2 - Series Director -ITV 2012

Totally Rubbish CBBC – Edit Prod – Dot 2 Dot 2012

Let’s Do Christmas with Gino & Mel ITV - Studio Director – ITV 2012

Great British Food Revival, Series 3 BBC2 - Studio Director & Producer - Outline Productions 2012

Rachel Allen’s Cake Diaries RTE/UKTV - Series Director – Sweet TV

Saturday Cookbook ITV - Series Director - Optomen

Kitchen Hero, Series 2 RTE – Studio Director / Producer  In Production

Great British Food Revival, Series 2 BBC2 - Studio Director & Producer - Outline Productions

Cookery School, C4 – Series Producer/ Series Director - Redhouse TV

I Can Cook, Series 2 & 3, Cbeebies – Location Director / Producer - Endemol

The Restaurant, Series 3 BBC2 - Multi-Camera Director - BBC2

Deal or No Deal Channel 4 - Studio Director – Endemol Bristol

Great British Menu Series 2 & 3 - BBC2 – Studio Director / Producer - Optomen

Food Poker BBC2 – Series Director - Optomen

Market Kitchen UK Food – Director (L) - Optomen

BNTM, Series 5 & 6 Living – Producer / Director – Thumbs Up

Undercover Coach Director / Producer - Disney

Hells Kitchen, Series 1, 2, 3 & 4  - ITV1 – Reality Director - ITV1

People’s Cookbook, 1 & 2 UK Food - Series Director / Producer - Denhams

Christmas Lunch Live UK Food – Director (L) – Prospect Pictures

Food Uncut UK Food – Director  - Prospect Pictures

Local Food Heroes, 1 UK Food - Series Director / Producer - Denhams

Great Food Live UK Food – Director (L) – Prospect Pictures

Good Food Live UK Food – Director (L) – Prospect Pictures

Smile BBC2 and CBBC – Director (L) – Darrell McQueen

Big Brother’s Little Brother, Series 9 E4 – Director - Endemol

The Nokia Green Room T4 Director – Whizz Kid Entertainment

Big Brothers Big Mouth Leigh Francis C4 – Director (L) - Endemol

Celebrity Big Brother’s Big Mouth E4 – Director (L) - Endemol

The Trial of Gemma Lang ITV1 – Senior Reality Director - ITV1

24 Hours With…. ITV1 - Series Director - ITV1

Big Brother’s Big Mouth E4 – Director (L) - Endemol

Killer Shark Live Five - Studio Director / Producer (L) - Endemol

The Big Roman Dig Channel 4 – Director (L) - Wildfire

Flipside TV Channel 4 and Paramount 2 – Director (L) Flipside TV

Whose Right is It? Southbank Show Series ITV – Director (L) - ITV1

The Black + Awards LWT - Series Director (L) - ITV1

Capital Christmas LWT - Series Director (L) - ITV1

The Weekend Show LWT – Director (L) - ITV1

The Thames Festival LWT - Series Director (L) - ITV1

The Politics Show BBC 1 – Director (L) – BBC1

Around the House Yorkshire Television – Director – ITV1


F O R M A T  C O N S U L T A N T

Location, Location, Location IWC Media - Format Consultant

The Kids Are All Right Endemol ME - Supervising Dir

Super Soccer Star India, ESPN  Format Supervisor

Super Fashion Stars, China, BTV - Format Supervisor

Super Soccer Star, RTM 2 (Malaysia) – Format Supervisor / Executive Producer



Celebrity Big Brother 7 Channel 4 Multi - Camera Director

Dating in The Dark Living – Multi - Cam Director

Super Soccer Star Malaysia TV 3 – Format Supervisor & Executive Producer

The Nokia Green Room T4 - Director

Only Fools on Horses BBC1 & 3 – Senior Reality Director

Soccer Aid ITV1 – Senior Reality Director

House of Tiny Tearaways BBC3 & US Pilot - Director

The Games, Series 4 Channel 4 – Senior Reality Director

The Heats Show for The Games Series 4, E4 – Vision Mixer(L)

Celebrity Big Brother 4 Channel 4 - Director

Space Cadets Channel 4 - Director

Big Brother 6 Channel 4 - Director

Hell’s Kitchen 1,2,3 & 4 ITV1 - Director

The Games, Series 3 Channel 4 – Senior Reality Director

The Games Heat Shows E4 – Vision Mixer (L)

Comic Relief Does Fame Academy BBC1 & 3 –Senior Reality Director

Celebrity Big Brother 3 Channel 4 - Director

The Farm Five – Senior Reality Director

Back to Reality Five - Director

From Zero to Hero Channel 4 – Vision Mixer



Vita Coco Short/Long Form - Director / Producer VCCP / CSM

Lidl, Pick of Scotland 6 x 30’s and 8 x 10’s STV Creative Director 2017

Asda, James Martin's Christmas - YouTube / Asda Channel - Producer / Director

Nationwide - You Tube / Facebook – Producer / Director

The Roux Scholarship Cactus TV – Producer / Director

Green & Blacks Commercials C4 Cactus TV  Prod/Director / Edit Producer

Ketchum – Fairy – Bake a Wish Director / Producer

Chocolate for Waitrose TV  Director

Shorts for Kenwood - Director

Ambrosia Sponsorship Bumpers Director

Super Fashion Stars, Galleon Entertainment Promo Director / Producer

Tiara Quest, Galleon Entertainment  Promo Director / Producer

Super Soccer Star, Galleon Entertainment- Promo Director / Producer

TTXGP, Isle of Man Races  Promo Director / Producer

BBC1 and BBC2 Autumn Launch BBC – Promo Director (L)

BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4 Winter Launch BBC – Promo Director (L)

Waitrose Wine Club Rockabox Media Director

Jatropha for OUP  Hobson Curtis – Producer / Director

Geotraces for OUP  Hobson Curtis – Producer / Director


P R E M I E R E S   F O R   ITV, C4, T4, YAHOO

Ravaan, Sex and The City 2, Valentine’s Day, RockNRoller, SpeedRacer, What Happens in Vegas, Three & Out, Fool’s Gold, Golden Compass, Beowulf, Music and Lyrics, Miss Potter, The Prestige, History Boys, Miami Vice, The Corpse Bride, The Interpreter, The Wedding Crashers, Fantastic Four, Alien Autopsy, The Island, The Dukes of Hazzard, Die Another Day James Bond, Catch me if you Can, The Xmen 2, Love Actually, Master and Commander, Around the World in 80 Days, Catwoman, I Robot, Collateral, Merchant of Venice


C H E F S / C O O K S / W O R K E D  W I T H..

Heston Blumenthal, Michel Roux JNR, Gregg Wallace, John Torode, Richard Corrigan, Gizzi Erskine, Clarissa Dickson Wright, Valentine Warner, Gary Rhodes, Gordon Ramsay, Angela Hartnett, Jason Atherton, Antonio Carluccio, Yotam Ottolenghi, Prue Leith, John Christophe Novelli, Mark Sergeant, Mark Hix, Simon Rimmer, Genaro Contaldo, Martin Blunos, Paul Rankin, Antony Worrell Thompson, Mark Edwards, Eric Lanlard, Paul Hollywood, Paul Merrick, Allegra McEvedy, Mary Berry, Peter Gordon, Marco Pierre White, James Martin, Ainsley Harriet, Raymond Blanc, Glynn Purnell, Nigel Haworth, Tom Kitchin, Antony Flynn, Michael Caines, Daniel Galmiche, Aiden Byrne, Atul Kochhar, Merilees Parker, Frank Bordoni, Galton Blackiston, Matt Tebbutt, Jun Tanaka, Lawrence Keogh, Mike Robinson, Noel McMeel, Oliver Rowe, Rosemary Schrager, Sat Baines, Brian Turner, Clodagh McKenna, Danny Millar, Ed Baines, Lesley Waters, Lotte Duncan, Silvena Rowe, Stephen Terry, Stefan Gates, Tana Ramsay, Thane Prince, Mark Broadbent, Maria Elia, Marcus Wareing, Donal Skehan, Levi Rootes, Phil Vickery, James Tanner, Chris Horridge, Dick & James Strawbridge, Cyrus Todiwala, Tom Kerridge, Gino D’Acampo, James ‘Jocky’ Petrie, Gillan Kingstree, Andy Bates, Omar Allibhoy, Dean Brettschneider, John Whaite, Tony Singh, Andi Oliver, Lisa Faulkner, Dave Myers, Rachel Allen, Will Torrent, Paul A.Young, Jose Pizarro, Aaron Craze, Anjum Anand, Manju Mahli, Bobby Chinn, Ching-He Huang, Dhruv Baker, Jeremy Pang, Dean Edwards, Kimberley Wilson, Monica Galletti, Georgio Locatelli, Theo Randall, Nadia Sawalah, Reza Mahammad, Shelina Permalloo, Stacie Stewart, Stuart Gillies, Arun Kapil, Alain Roux, Martin Chiffers, Benoit Blin, Cherish Finden, Claire Clarke MBE, Judy Joo, Pierre Gaignier, Enda McEvoy, Fearne Cotton, Angellica Bell, Tommy Banks.